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An Average Retirement? Not For Me!

June 18, 2019 | Retirement Planning

Author: Daniel Brown

In the last two months, I have travelled in five different countries. Whilst enjoying some much-deserved downtime – education at our yearly conference, being dragged around the tourist attractions and enjoying the tropical weather, I’ve also been considering what the population of each country aspires to when it comes to finances and their concept of retirement.

How average retirement looks around the world

This is the picture in each country I’ve visited:

Average Retirement Around the World

We know that between the ages of 65 and 75 we spend the largest portion of our income on lifestyle and travel (27% of disposable income), compared to over the age of 80 when we spend only 11%. As an advice business, we need to conceptualise what each person’s ideal lifestyle will be in those initial retirement years to maximise the opportunity for enjoyment without financial constraints.

Achieving our own ideal retirement

I’m now in my sixteenth year of providing Financial Planning. One of the best things about building long-term partnerships with clients is that I’ve also come to understand the influence they have had on my desire to be above average, including the desire to grow my personal wealth and retire early. In the end it’s quite simple – we have every opportunity to build our ideal retirement, it just comes down to what are we prepared to do.

We have a passionate team of retirement specialists, committed to being the best we can be and following our clients into our own ideal retirement. After all, how can we not be influenced by who we spend our time with? Those wanting to build, enjoy and leave a legacy by passing on their wealth to future generations.

I enjoy a lifestyle of travel, time with family and friends and choose when I work and how I spend my money, without thinking if or how I can afford it. Perhaps the clients who have achieved this lifestyle have influenced my beliefs, or maybe it’s my constant desire to be above average at everything I do.

All this down time has got me asking myself the following questions:

  • What do I want?
  • What can I do to make sure I’m above average?
  • How can I teach my children the same values?
  • What am I prepared to do to make sure my retirement is planned and implemented the same as my clients?

It’s not just about money – it could be lifestyle, passion, education, but I don’t want to be average.

I’m more passionate than ever about what 2019 and beyond has instore and I’m going to make sure I enjoy the journey ahead. I recognise that hard work, discipline and continued learning will give me every opportunity to succeed at being above average.

At Central Coast Financial Planning Group, our team of Financial Advisers are passionate about working with like-minded clients. We understand that we can achieve mutually beneficial relationships if we focus on helping clients to create a higher than average financial position, enabling them to enjoy their ideal retirement.

If you also want your future to be above average, it’s time to see our Financial Planning specialists based in the Central Coast and Newcastle. Please book an appointment here or call our office to make an enquiry.


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